Twice a year parents will be asked to conference with their child’s teacher. At the fall conference, parents will receive a summary report card. In the spring we will meet to track and share your child’s growth.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child throughout the year, contact your child’s teacher as she will always be willing to talk to you.


Your child is welcomed and encouraged to share their birthday with his/her classmates. If you decide to do so, please give your child’s teacher at least two days notice.

Some suggestions for birthday treats are: cupcakes, cookies, brownies, cheese and crackers, fruit, fruit juice, ice-cream or jello jigglers. Please make sure that treats are peanut free.

All treats should be brought in at the start of your child’s class.

Parent Volunteers

Our preschool program welcomes parents as volunteers. If interested, parents may be asked to supervise a small group of children at a learning station, lead a craft or art project etc. We understand that many of you have previous commitments and may not be able to help in this way. However, for those of you, who are interested in volunteering, please contact your child’s teacher.


We will have many celebrations throughout the year! Your teacher will let you know when they are and what (if anything) you could make or bring. The educational demands of children are increasingly high, at Carousel Academy we love to celebrate their accomplishments! Together we can ensure that their first educational experience is fun!

Scholastic Book Orders

Every month your child will receive a scholastic book order. Scholastic offers quality literature at an affordable price. We strongly recommend the purchase of these books for many reasons. One being that reading with your child is a great way to spend quality time while boosting their vocabulary and strengthen their imaginations! For each book that you purchase, your child’s classroom will earn points towards free literature for their classroom libraries.

Assessment and Testing

Children take part in a variety of assessments throughout the year. Most of the time, your child will never even know that they are being tested. Three times throughout the year your child will be given Brigance assessment. This particular assessment touches on many preschool content areas. Assessment is essential in identifying your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Assessments results will be shared during conferences.


If your child is going to be absent, please call the school and let us know. The number is 716-425-1175. If you reach the director’s voicemail, please leave your child’s name, their teacher’s name, and their reason for absence.

Vacations/Snow Days

The Carousel Academy follows the Lancaster School District calendar for all vacations and snow days. If Lancaster is off, so are we.