Will I receive a school calendar?

Carousel Academy’s UPK and Private Preschool programs follow the district calendars. If there is a day off, vacations, snow days, etc. within the district, Carousel Academy will be off too.
Lancaster Central School District’s 2016-2017 calendar
North Tonawanda City School District’s 2016-2017 calendar

What if my child is sick?

If your child is going to be absent, for any reason, please call the school and leave your child’s name, their teacher’s name, and their reason for absence.

What kind of testing/assessments are done?

The children will take part in a variety of assessments throughout the year. Most of the time, your child will never even know that they are being assessed. The assessments consist of information gathered from daily observations as well as talking to each child one-on-one. (Please refer to the Curriculum page for a list of what the children will be working on throughout the year.)

Your child’s teacher will give you a “report card” of their progress in the fall, winter, and spring. In the “report card” it will detail how your child is doing academically as well as socially and emotionally. From each assessment result, your child’s teacher will work to strengthen and enhance their skills.

Are there parent/teacher conferences?

Carousel Academy’s teachers encourage parent communication through phone calls, email and face-to-face conferences. Since Carousel Academy holds conferences on the same days that the district does, parents will have the opportunity to schedule a conference with their child’s teacher as well. During the conference, parents and teachers will discuss the child’s progress by looking over a “report card” and other observations made by the teacher. If you have any questions or concerns about your child throughout the year, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.

How are birthdays celebrated in the classroom?

Your child is welcomed and encouraged to share their birthday in the classroom. If you decide to do so, please give your child’s teacher at least two days notice. Please check with your child’s teacher about any specific allergies within the classroom. As a precaution though, we do ask that you provide a peanut free treat. Some suggestions for birthday treats are: cupcakes, cookies, brownies, cheese and crackers, fruit, etc. If your snack requires utensils, please provide those as well.

Can I volunteer in my child’s classroom?

Our teachers welcome and encourage parents to volunteer in the classroom. Parents may be asked to play a game with a small group at a learning station, lead a craft or art project, etc. We ask that parents please give at least one month, at the start of the school year, for the students to get acquainted to the classroom’s routines and procedures. Each teacher will then provide families with the days that parents are welcome to come in and volunteer.

Another way to volunteer in the classroom is through parties! We will have many celebrations throughout the year! Your teacher will have a sign-up sheet available ahead of time for any family members that are able to bring in something or to come in and volunteer to help out during the party.

Are there guest speakers?

Yes! We have many guest speakers, from all professions, come in and talk to the children. The guest speakers talk to the children about their careers and the children get to ask questions. We have had professionals from firemen and policeman to librarians, authors, dentists, and farmers!

Do I have to purchase school supplies?

When your child is registered you will receive a packet of information detailing what you need to bring in for your child before school starts and throughout the year. You will also receive a school supply list. You are not obligated to purchase these supplies, but if you would like to donate the supplies to the classroom you are welcome to do so.

How will I receive notes and information?

Each child will have a folder that they are asked to bring in each day. This folder will be the “communication tool” you will use with your child’s teacher. The teacher will send home notes, newsletters, your child’s work, etc. in their folder. If you would like to communicate a quick note to the teacher, please include it in your child’s folder. Each folder is checked by the teacher at the beginning of each day. We ask that you please check it as well each night!