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Motor Development

Promote Fine-motor Development by encouraging your child to:
• Brush his or her teeth
• Use crayons, and pencils
• Cut with scissors
• Play with clay, sand and water
• Assemble puzzles
• Trace objects using stencils
• Measuring and rolling
• Zip and button
• Buckle seat belts
• Finger paint
• Draw circles, squares and triangles
• Trace shapes, letters and numbers
• Dress and undress without assistance
Read More... Gross-Motor Development Children should participate in activities that strengthen their muscle control. These include:
• Dancing
• Hopping on one foot
• Jump roping
• Climbing
• Exercising
• Roller-Skating
• Learning to swim
• Marching to music
• Throwing a ball underhand
• Catching a ball or a beanbag
• Kicking or bouncing a ball
Our Sponsors: We thank our sponsors for their hard work and for supporting our mission to help children learn and grow. We encourage you to take advantage of their excellent services. Let them know we sent you!
A wonderful company that keeps our buildings cool in the summer and warm in the winter, Air Repair Pros in McKinney TX works on our air conditioning and heating systems. They are our go to HVAC contractor.
Our floors undergo a lot of abuse. Between muddy shoes, toys, and lots of activity, they take a beating. That is why we went to a professional flooring contractor, The Flooring Pro Guys, to have our floor installation completed. They did a fantastic job with the installation.
One of our biggest sponsors, who has been a great help to the families of our children here at Carousel, is the White Glove Windshields replacement and repair company. They have provided windshield replacement and repairs fors some of our families, and we couldn't be more appreciative. Thank you White Glove Windshields!
Not only do our floors have a tough time, our paint may have it worse! The Painting Pro Guys have our back, and they were able to get us beautiful, protective paint, for all of our walls.


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